MMA Vietnam chia sẻ 4 báo cáo về Vietnam Ecosystem Report 2021: Modern Marketing

Report 1: Rural report

Tên báo cáo: Beyond Metros & New Growth Path

Đoạn mô tả/giới thiệu ngắn: 

Technology transformation has been enabled by Vietnamese’s highly adaptable digital consumers, who are becoming enthusiastic about these technologies. By the end of 2020, the number of internet users in areas outside metros hit 91% and for the first time ever surpassed TV in both penetration and time spend.

What perhaps particularly interesting is the leapfrogging of consumers to mobile. Outside of metro cities, many Vietnamese’ first interaction with the internet is through the use of a mobile app. The app and, in turn, the phone have become gateways to the internet & the outside world for them, and the implications of this are astounding.

The COVID-19 crisis further accelerated the strategy in using Digital to reach out to consumers, Digital presents disruption, changes and huge opportunities for those who want to forge new growth paths.

Are you ready for the changes and capture these opportunities?

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Report 2: Ecosystem Landscape Report

Tên báo cáo: Vietnam Ecosystem Report 2021: Modern Marketing

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As digital services become mainstream and consumer behaviors continue to evolve with this shift, brands must keep up to drive relevance and preference. To help brands navigate the modern marketing challenges, MMA in partnership with GroupM and Google present Ecosystem Report 2021: Modern Marketing, that brings together consumer behavior and digital strategies to help brands advance their digital marketing maturity, with case studies on various trends such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Measurement, and Programmatic.

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Report 3: Modern Marketing in Vietnam

Tên báo cáo:  Modern Marketing in Vietnam: The use of mobile in the digital marketing mix

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The MMA & WARC report summarises the Vietnam findings of our latest APAC modern marketing survey, which assesses how advertisers and agencies are using, and planning to use mobile as a part of their marketing strategy. It focuses on the critical areas which need to be taken into account by advertisers, including the importance of social, the impact of commerce on the use of mobile, the challenges being faced and the future of mobile technology.

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Report 4:  The Evolution of Gaming

Tên báo cáo:  [Adcolony x MMA] The Evolution of Gaming

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The Evolution of Gaming, Why modern marketers need to embrace gaming as a channel.

Technology is everywhere, and it’s changing people’s lives. We’re exposed to technology from the moment we wake up to the last few minutes before we close our eyes.

The promary device for access to technology is the mobile phone. According to Statista,  in 2020, the smartphone adoption rate in APAC reached 28%, and is expected to grow to 83% by 2025.

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